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Thank you for your interest in the Baseball Players Association and National Softball Association.

BPA and NSA are full service organizations and we can assist you in contacting the correct person in your area whether you are interested in Baseball, Slow Pitch or Fastpitch.

If you have already decided you want to JOIN OUR TEAM or would like MORE INFORMATION, please let us know your areas of interest. Check all items that apply to you.

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 BPA Baseball
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 Becoming a Director
 Becoming an Umpire or Umpire-in-Chief
 I am interested in becoming involved in different capacity (Please explain in comment section below)

 Playing in Tournaments
 Running/Hosting Tournaments

 Playing in BPA Leagues
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 Becoming a National Sponsor
 Becoming a Program Sponsor
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 Becoming a Scholarship Sponsor

If you need immediate assistance, State Directors and State UICs information can be located directly through the CONTACT US page. Please feel free to contact the BPA National Office at 859-887-4680 or the NSA National Office at 859-887-4114 for assistance.